Colourflex Tape

Colourflex is a unique flexible led ribbon with a mass market appeal. The Colourflex system is spooled in 5 metre rolls that can be cut in 100mm sections. The Colourflex spool R/G/B colour changing ribbon can be driven from the Colourflex driver box. The driver box has 2 outputs capable of driving 2 x 5 metre Colourflex rolls via dmx 512 or using its on-board colour scroll option. Colourflex single colour. Colourflex is also available in a single colour option, the colours include: Red, blue, Green, amber, warm white, cold white.

    • Super bright LED's
    • Smooth linear effect (no gaps)
    • Full colour mix inc warm white, cool white
    • Mixed at source (single RGB chip)
    • 10 metres per driver (300 LED's)
    • DMX 512
    • Printed circuit board thickness: 0.25mm
    • LED Strip width: 10mm
    • Input Voltage : 240 volt AC
    • Output Voltage : 12 DC
    • 30pcs (for RGB) per metre
    • Size of smallest unit 3 LED (L X W ): 72mm X 10mm
    • Brightness: 40 - 48 Lux per LED