Coveline LED

The Coveline Linear Medium Lux series has been optimised for applications where a full wash or long distance throw is not required. The Coveline range is ideal for creating highlight and halo effects such as in coffers, soffits, covings and back bars. Advantages in this shorter throw lighting environment include the lower power consumption, as well as requiring a 6th of the number of driver boxes per similar Powerline linear length.

      Super bright LED

    • Energy efficient and cost effective
    • Mood setting with virtually any colour
    • Super smooth effect
    • 108 Leds per metre / 144 led per metre RGB
    • DMX 512
    • Power consumption @ max 10W
    • Input voltage 24v DC
    • Data connection RJ45
    • Operating ambient temp range -20°c / +40°c
    • Operating temp +50°c @ 25°c Ambient
    • Cooling Convection
    • Construction Aluminium alloy
    • Flammability 94v-0 Flame class rating
    • Driver compatibility: 60w powers 6 x 1metre strip
    • Driver compatibility: 30w powers 3 x 1metre strip
    • Width 24mm
    • Height 10mm
    • Typical lumen maintenance 70% @ 50,000 Hours
    • Lamp life 50,000 Hours @ 25°c