Anolis ArcPad

    ArcPad 48 Integral™

    The ArcPad 3•48 Integral is a compact version of the ArcPad 3•48. The base of the fixture includes an inbuilt Power Supply and an Intelligent LED driver. This format provides a solution that simplifies both the cabling and the installation of the ArcPad 3•48 Integral.
    The ArcPad 3•48 Integral does not have any control panel or display, as all settings and addressing of the fixture are fully controlled via RDM (Remote Device Management) protocol.

    Like the ArcPad 3•48, the fixture consists of 2 main component areas, the head is made up of a radiator (cast aluminum), onto which the LED matrix and lenses are located. The head can be moved in relation to the easy mount multi position base in the following ranges: pan +45°/-45°, tilt +60°/-90°.
    The ArcPad 3•48 Integral has an IP rating of 65 and is therefore suitable for use in a wide variety range of both interior and exterior architectural applications.

    The ArcPad 3•48 Integral is available in a various LED formats to allow dramatic effects to be created in even the most demanding of modern lighting schemes.



    ArcPad 48™

    The ArcPad 3•48 is a durable and robust fixture with a projected lifespan of minimum 60.000 hours. The base of the fixture is made from a cast metal and it is built for floor or wall mounting via two holes in the base. The fixture´s head is made up of a radiator (cast aluminum), on which the LED matrix and lenses are fitted. The head can be moved in relation to the base in ranges: pan +45°/-45°, tilt +60°/-90°.

    The fixture is controlled and driven by the ArcPower 48. The ArcPad 3•48 is designed for the generation of rich, saturated colours and colour changing effects in wall-washing, spot lighting, and large alcove lighting in many architectural applications.



    ArcPad Xtreme™

    ArcPad Xtreme is a special outdoor fixture with two independent LED modules. LED´s are densely populated, providing extremely bright light output. The fi xture is completely silent due to the conventional cooling. The IP 67 rating means it can be used for exterior installations.

    ArcPad Xtreme is an ideal fixture for illuminating large buildings and stages, thanks to the high light output of the LED modules. The unique combination of RGBW LED colours delivers a stunning quality of white light, not seen in other competitive products on the market.