Collingwood Control LED

Part number: DMXC
Programmable DMX controller
Zones: 6
Programs: 4
Material: Plastic housing
DMXC Input: 350mA (psu supplied)
Requirements: DMXI + RGBox30
Additional information: Control up to 2880 LED3 RGB with one DMXC
Use up to 32 DMXI (Interfaces) per DMXC


Part number: DMXI
DMX interface
Max.load: 10 RGBox30 connected in parallel
Product weight: 0.1kg
Input: Connection from RGBox30 for power, DMX controller for DATA
Material: Plastic housing
only use shielded twisted pair cables for the DMX signal wiring.
Earth the shielding of the cable.
Complete the DMX signal circuit by placing a 120 ohm resistor
in the free terminals of the final DMXI in the circuit.
Connect a maximum of 32 DMXI units to one DMXC.
Maximum cable runs of between 20 and 50m depending on levels
of RFI and the quality of cabling.
Use an RS485 repeater where longer cables are needed.


Colour change is no longer a complicated procedure. RGBox makes it simple for large or small installations to achieve the desired effect........
Part number: RGBox 30
Simple RGB colour change controller
·  Max.load: 27watt - 9watt max per circuit (3 circuits)
·  Min. Load: 3watt - 1 x Red, 1 x Green, 1 x Blue
·  Output: 3 x 0.35A (350mA) ·  Input: 190-260v 0.15A ·  Material: Plastic housing
·  Weight: 0.40kg ·  Can be used with most 350mA RGB LED'S


A simple solution for DMX, our new RGBox50 24vDC 50watt has an integral DMX interface. Making it a perfect addition to you DMX colour change solution....

Part number: RGBox50
3 x 24v PWM Constant voltage RGB LED driver
Input Voltage: 190-260v AC ~ 50..60Hz 0.26A
Output: 24vDC - max 3 x 0.7A
Material: Plastic housing


On going colour change, brightness and solid colours can all be operated from the comfort of your chair.

Part number: IR3 24V RGB Controller
Infrared RGB controller
Max.load: 120watt
Input: 24vDC
Material: Plastic housing



Why not make life easy by converting your RGBox to remote control. Colour change, brightness and colours can be all operated from this IR controller
Part number: IR2 Control RGB Controller
Infrared RGB controller
Input: 350mA RGB
Material: Plastic housing
Magic eyes can be extended to a Max. distance of 7m
(Manufacturers recommendation)
Max. 2 magic eyes can be used on one controller
(Not sold separately)
The cable between controller and RGBox CANNOT be extended...