Traxon Control & LED Drivers


Traxon’s IP67-rated Dot XL RGB is an ultra bright lighting solution, enriching demanding and sophisticated architectural applications with full color lighting effects and spectacular video animations. Available in 6 or 9 high performance LEDs per casing, the individually controllable dots are suitable for application in bright sunlight, rain or any extreme weather condition. Mounted on a flexible string and with customizable pixel pitch option, the outstanding versatility of Dot XL no longer limits designers to traditional forms and screen concepts but enables installations on almost any surface or three-dimensional shape. The Dot XL-6 and Dot XL-9 share a robust casing that ensures full outdoor capability while its die-cast aluminum base guarantees maximum heat dissipation to ensure an optimal working temperature. Containing up to 40 dots per string, the dots are controllable by DMX or DVI input signal, enabling the replay of any kind of video content and live stream input. Featuring easy interconnection and daisy chain possibility, the Dot XL is perfectly suitable for any large scale media installation where a unique and sustainable lighting concept is required.





IMAGIC WEAVE is a fusion of stainless steel mesh and state of the art LED technology, representing the development results of two market leaders’ joint efforts. By combining Traxon’s professional expertise in cutting edge LED systems with Haver & Boecker’s over 100 years experience in producing woven wire mesh applications a sustainable media façade solution has been created - IMAGIC WEAVE.
The fully outdoor rated (IP67) LED tubes turn IMAGIC WEAVE into a perfect solution for permanent outdoor media façade installations at stadiums, shopping malls, skyscrapers, car parks, and other large buildings in any environment. The woven wire mesh embellishes buildings with an outstanding shiny second skin and excellently serves as effective sunscreen, filtering sun rays while maintaining its transparency. State of the art, slim LED profiles are attached on the back side of the wire mesh, ensuring a flat surface from the front and a high transparency at all times. By featuring DMX and DVI capability it enables the creation of individual programmable lighting scenarios ranging from texts, graphics, and images to medium and high resolution video replays with stunning lighting effects in up to 16 million colors. Using as advertising space IMAGIC WEAVE ensures the communication of sales messages in a unique, eye-catching, and memorable way and represents the perfect solution to realize your media concepts without exceeding resources and budget.



Traxon's String RGB is an exceptionally flexible, multipurpose LED lighting fixture designed to accompl i sh the most demanding installations. The fixture consists of 160 individually controllable Nichia LEDs divided in to 5 string segments and mounted on a flexible semi-transparent cable. As a result of its UV resistance and IP67-rating the String RGB is capable to be applied to any outdoor environment. Featuring DMX and DVI capability, the lighting fixture enables low to medium resolution media replay. Its extraordinary flexibility combined with innovative features give the String RGB a decisive advantage over conventional LED modules and strips.


Traxon Mesh RGB is a highly versatile, modular system of LED modules that provides an all-purpose solution for every environment. A low profile and easy mounting give the device a decisive advantage over conventional LED screens and products. Each Mesh unit comprises eight grid-elements connected by flexible joints and is built out of five strings each with 32 pixels, resulting in a total of 160 individually controllable pixels per Mesh unit. The fixture offers control flexibility by featuring DMX as well as DVI input signals. The Mesh RGB is equipped with high performance, energy effcient Nichia LEDs as well as innovative Smart Chip™ technology that enables auto-addressing and an easy configuration. Its IP67-rated and UV resistant material make the Mesh RGB suitable for a variety of outdoor applications. Furthermore, the Mesh RGB can serve as a room divider by combining two units back to back with its refined and simple clipping system