Traxon RGB Solutions Panels

64PXL Mirror Wash RGB

The 64PXL Mirror Wash RGB is a ground breaking lighting innovation, which functions as a regular mirror when turned off and acts as a spectacular lighting fixture when switched on. The 64 individually addressable pixels and the on-board Smart Chip™ allow the creation of different colorings, images, moving text and video displays. The 64PXL Mirror Wash RGB creates a unique fusion effect, which blends the images in seamless transition between the pixels, resulting in a stunning mergence of a multitude of colors in various shapes and forms. The 64PXL Mirror Wash RGB offers a high degree of installation possibilities and can be interconnected with other units to create near limitless design flexibility. The decorative lighting fixture can be used to embellish any indoor environment with myriad splendid colors


64PXL Tile Wash RGB

Traxon's 64PXL Tile Wash RGB is a unique lighting element with 64 individually addressable pixels on a 50cm x 50cm surface. Its modular concept allows for large-scale installations, creating seamless surfaces of color and light as well as intricate video replays. Controlled by latest DMX technology, the revolutionary panel allows a superb array of colors, images, moving text, graphical animations and videos to be displayed. The panels’ fusion effect ensures a seamless transition of lighting effects between the pixels, blending a myriad of vivid colors and artistic forms.


64PXL Tile Matrix RGB

Categorized half way between LED light and LED screen, the 64PXL Tile Matrix RGB allows a variety of color displays, video animations and moving text in clearly defined pixels. The innovative LED screen consists of clearly separated and individually addressable pixels which enable a multitude of functions. The 64PXL Tile Matrix RGB is designed for medium and large scale installations, where it can unfold its full effect, both in conventional and unconventional settings. Controlled by DMX technology, this unique lighting panel offers a broad range of graphic and video replay options in any environment.


Micro Server

The Micro Server is an Ethernet-based replay unit with two 512 DMX channels and an exchangeable SD-Card memory. Enabled for both live and standalone control, the Micro Server allows control of any show ‘size’ . In standalone mode a total of 99 shows can be recalled by either touch or remote control. For multi-DMX-universe installations, the Micro Server can be linked and synchronized via Ethernet and be stored in a 19” rackmount Garage.