About 4Lux

Our Company

4LUX is a company that is dedicated to LED lighting installations, every project is different, from complex control PC systems  to simple wall mount controllers, we cover all types of lighting, architectural colour washing in the entertainment market or just replacing conventional lighting and upgrading to new energy efficient LED for commercial and domestic applications.

In the current climate we are trying to find new ways to reduce pollution and cost savings to bills and so forth. Using LED’s as a form of lighting is vastly growing all over the world, with more and more new brighter and energy efficient products being produced.

We use high quality professional LED products such as Collingwood, Anolis, Traxon, Artecta, Halers and many more, please see the products list for their latest catalogues.

If you require an upgrade to an existing project or a complete new installation, you can be guaranteed our professional staff will endeavour  to meet your requirements and having access to a large range of products, we will always be able to work with-in your budgets.

We would be delighted to discuss your next project with you, please call 0844 800 7710 or fill in the contact form and we will contact you to arrange a convenient appointment.