Colour Rail

The Colourail (Patent Pending) is a complete colour changing lighting system without the need for costly building or electrical work. The elegant Colourail LED system houses all power supply, control and cabling for a neat and quick installation. The Colourail can be easily decorated into the design of the room when not in use and bring the design to life at the touch of a button. 


    • Made of rugged PVC
    • Colourail comes in 2.5 metre standard lengths
    • Wall mounting brackets every 500mm
    • Optimum distance from ceiling 500mm
    • Can easily be cut to fit corners
    • Overpaintable
    • Wall brackets 50mm wide with 2x drill holes
    • LED's can be fitted on two surfaces to mask LED's if Colourail is to be mounted in a lower position Low Power Consumption (Up to 90% energy savings over Neon).
    • Long Life (70,000 Hours Typically over 8 years in continuous use).
    • Rugged and Reliable (No glass to break as with Neon or Fluorescent).
    • Fast & Simple Installation
    • High Brightness.
    • No Colour Fade
    • Low Maintenance (LED's offer fit and forget design)